foxweather.ca is a privately operated weather station without any commercial interest. We are collecting local weather data for the sole purpose of personal education and use and are not affiliated with any business or governmental entity.
As we want to share our information with the public, all data is made available 'as is' for everyone's own interpretation.

The operator of the weather station and it's accompanying website cannot be held liable for any (mis)use or (mis)interpretation of data obtained from herein nor for any actions taken based on information derived from our website and its subpages.

Weather forecasting is not an exact science. foxweather.ca uses data collected from its various sensors to issue an auto-generated weather forecast. No manual observation or correction takes place to fine tune any forecast message. Hence we cannot guarantee that the real weather agrees with our interpretation of its data.

While we strive to provide high quality and up-to-date weather data we cannot guarantee a continuous operation of the weather station and/or its website nor a lossless collection of weather information.
Furthermore we reserve the right to take down the station and/or website for maintenance, update or any other reason anytime and without advance notice.

Links to other websites, related or not, are provided as a sole courtesy to the viewer. foxweather.ca cannot influence the content of linked sites and as such cannot be held responsible for any information obtained from these sites in text, graphics, pictures or by any other means.

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